November 30, 2016

Sports 610 AM Legal Segment-11-29-16- Questions from Responsible Gun Owners in PA & NJ

Responsible gun ownership is your constitutional right under the 2nd Amendment.  Despite this right, individual states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey are permitted to restrict more
November 27, 2016

Are you spending more time looking for the “right gift” than on finding the right lawyer?

The holiday season is upon us and many are rushing around buying gifts for friends and family. I’ve never liked shopping in stores but do more
November 25, 2016

Over the river and through the woods! The States that won’t accept your Pennsylvania license to carry permit?

For those traveling outside of our Commonwealth this holiday season and who enjoy the security of carrying their firearm—BEWARE! You just can’t jump in your more
November 23, 2016


Thanksgiving is tomorrow and many will travel to family and friends’ houses to eat dinner and in some cases brunch. During these large meals, people more