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Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer Alfonso Gambone, Esq. has written extensively on strategies for defending DUI & DWI charges and understanding drug possession and gun laws in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Mr. Gambone shares these publications with anyone who is interested in learning more about criminal defense. If you have been arrested and charged with an illegal gun, drug or drunk driving offense in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, reading one these books will put you on the right track toward a great result .

criminal law book

Our Free Book Breaks Down Criminal Law in Pennsylvania So You Know Your Rights

At Gambone Law, we believe that the citizens of Pennsylvania should educate and inform themselves about criminal law, starting with our free book.

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What You Need to Know About Guns, Drugs, and Drunk Driving in New Jersey

A general overview on the various gun, drug, and drunk driving charges in NJ, how they differ from PA, and how to avoid them.

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DUI book

Order Our Free Book to Learn More About DUI Charges in Pennsylvania

Request our helpful free book to learn about fighting DUI charges in PA. You can’t protect your rights if you don’t know what they are. Read our book today. Request Information

gun or drug charge book

What You Need to Know When Facing Gun or Drug Charges

Read our book to learn more about protecting your constitutional rights when facing a drug or gun possession charge.

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Bumps on the road to success book

Unlike my previous books, the focus here isn’t criminal defense strategies but options when those strategies won’t work!

The purpose of this book is to provide an overview of the criminal justice system, the available defenses, options at trial, and alternatives to trial.

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Accident, DUI, and drugs booko

What Everyone Must Know About Accidents, DUI, Drugs in Pennsylvania

A broad understanding of the criminal defense and the personal injury claims process with a specific focus on drunk driving and drug offenses

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Parents and vaping boook

10 Things Parents Must Know About Vaping

One topic which has gained a lot of attention recently is “vaping” or “juuling” among high school age teens and even middle school students.

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