June 29, 2016

Will the US Supreme Court’s Decision on FRM. VA GOV. change things for FRM REP. Fattah

The United States Supreme Courts last week overturned the conviction of former Virginia governor Robert McDonnell. The former governor was convicted of bribery charges and sentenced...read more
June 27, 2016

DUI Update: What the US Supreme Court’s Decision on Search Warrants for Blood Means for Pennsylvania

Last week the United States Supreme Court in the case of Birchfield v. North Dakota, issued a decision on the need for search warrants in drunk...read more
June 26, 2016

Does a Philadelphia address create “reasonable suspicion” for a drug search?

I’ve written previous articles on warrantless searches of motor vehicles in Pennsylvania, along with motions to suppress evidence specifically for guns, drug, and firearm charges. My...read more
June 23, 2016

Free to Leave? When does a police car stop violate your rights in Pennsylvania?

There a lot of illegal drug, gun and firearm (VUFA) cases in Pennsylvania and beyond that started with a traffic stop. Police have stopped most of...read more