Home Invasion At Gun Point And What You Can Learn From It

Our client, A.J., 36, was charged with a gunpoint home invasion robbery and offered 8-15 years in prison to plead guilty. On July 14, 2015, a Philadelphia jury of 9 women and 3 men found our client NOT GUILTY of robbery, burglary, theft and conspiracy. The incident occurred in South Philadelphia on the morning of December 10, 2014. The alleged victim was alone and the armed assailants entered the home by forcing their way through the front door at gun point.

After entering the property, the assailant tied up the victim and went through the home, taking various electronics, clothing and cash. Police arrested our client in the area of the incident. The victim identified our client through a computer generated photo array that showed men fitting the description of a black male, aged 30-35, with a beard.

At trial, Attorney Alfonso Gambone argued that police conducted a bare investigation based on a computer generated profile that unfairly prejudiced our client who just happened to meet the description of the assailant. Further, Gambone argued that prosecution’s case lacked strong direct evidence because the victim admitted that he shut his eyes when the assailant entered home out of fear. Finally Gambone drew the jury’s attention to the lack of circumstantial evidence. Police didn’t recover any of the proceeds from the robbery when the arrested our client.

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