March 28, 2017

Your Home, Probable Cause, Privacy, and Warrants

Following my last blog, many of my readers had questions about searches of homes as opposed to a vehicle or a car. The topic of more
March 25, 2017

Police Stop Car Searches in Pennsylvania & New Jersey: Warrant Needed? 

As I’ve written in previous blogs, the close proximity between New Jersey and Pennsylvania, doesn’t necessarily translate into similar types of laws and criminal penalties, more
March 23, 2017

Philadelphia Jury Trial Case Review: Attempted Murder—Not Guilty

Our firm obviously wants to obtain great results for our clients but we also want our readers to understand how we obtained these results at more
March 21, 2017

Understanding “Corrupt Organization” Criminal Charges

Our firm was recently retained for one of the defendants in an alleged major heroin ring in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Despite the severity of these charges, more