October 29, 2016

Judgment of Acquittal – DUI: What happened to the prosecution’s case?

Recently our criminal defense law firm obtained a Judgment of Acquittal in a Drunk Driving (DUI) trial prior to the case going to a jury. While...read more
October 27, 2016

My Recent Jury: Not Guilty – Illegal Gun Charges “The Impossible Frozen Firearm”

Our criminal defense law firm handles a large number of cases involving the illegal possession of guns and firearms. Most recently, we secured a not guilty...read more
October 25, 2016

610 Sports ESPN Radio: The most common questions from criminal defense clients

Listen to my October 18, 2016 interview on 610 Sports ESPN Radio.  During this segment I discussed some of the most common questions that I receive...read more
October 19, 2016

3 Things That Your Criminal Defense Attorney should do at a Preliminary Hearing in Pennsylvania

I’ve written previous articles on preliminary hearing strategies specifically those involving illegal guns, drugs and violent felonies. A preliminary hearing isn’t a trial but don’t underestimate...read more