September 28, 2016

The 5 Most Common Myths about Drunk Driving Charges in Pennsylvania

Our criminal defense law firm represents many individuals charged with drunk driving (DUI) in Pennsylvania and New Jersey along with criminal offenses involving illegal drugs, guns, more
September 26, 2016

Have You Been Drinking? How to answer a question if police stop you for DUI

  Most drunk driving cases start with a traffic stop made because of a violation of the vehicle code (speeding, running a red light, or more
September 25, 2016

DUI & Gender: Alcohol Absorption & Metabolism Rate – Men vs. Women

A drunk driving criminal charge doesn’t discriminate on the basis of sex. Women, in fact, are more at risk for this type of criminal offense more
September 22, 2016

Listen to my latest legal segment on Sports Radio 610 ESPN: Is that plea deal really a “deal”?

Tune in to Sports Radio 610 and listen to  the Rob Maadi Show with Anthony SanFilippo, every Tuesday night (8-10PM)!  In my last segment, I explained more