February 28, 2016

3 ways to choose a lawyer on a Sunday morning!

It’s Sunday but have you found the right lawyer yet?  While our law firm’s focus is criminal defense, you can use these questions to find the...read more
February 27, 2016

Pennsylvania Preliminary Hearings: The Purpose and The Evidentiary Standard

An accused person in Pennsylvania has the right to a preliminary hearing with exception to those matters where a grand jury is used in a prosecution....read more
February 24, 2016

Pennsylvania DUI Defense: General Impairment – No BAC Necessary

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is an important concept in a Pennsylvania DUI Defense but many people don’t understand that BAC isn’t always an element of a...read more
February 21, 2016

Don’t want to stay in jail before trial? Understand Bail!

Its Sunday Morning in February. Is your family member or friend stuck in jail because of a high bail? Has your criminal defense lawyer made the...read more