May 28, 2015

Civil Rights – §1983 – Who is Liable for Your Constitutional Rights Violation

In previous articles I have explained that the United States Code §1983 allows a person to sue government officials and municipalities when either of these more
May 26, 2015

Estate Taxes, Life Insurance, and Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (“ILIT”)

Clients often ask me if they should purchase life insurance. As an attorney, I am not in the business of selling life insurance and so more
May 26, 2015

DUI and Discovery: The Prosecution’s Obligation

Clients often ask us what we plan on doing at trial to win their DUI case. It is important to understand, however, that prior to more
May 20, 2015

New Jersey and Guns: Understanding the Graves Act

New Jersey maintains one of the toughest in gun laws in the United States.  Remember that your gun permit, even from a bordering state like more