April 30, 2015

Police Misconduct: Some Numbers – Civil Rights Violations and Criminal Charges

As a defense attorney I am on the opposite side of police officers in the courtroom. Despite, my role I understand, however, that these men and...read more
April 28, 2015

Estate Planning for Pets: Don’t be embarrassed!

Estate Planning for Pets Americans spent almost $60 billon on their pets last year, yet estate planning for these animals is often forgotten or ridiculed as...read more
April 25, 2015

My 3 Estate Planning Principles

We are all going to die and no amount of estate planning is going to change it. The purpose of estate planning, however, is to minimize...read more
April 25, 2015

Estate Planning: The Excluded Spouse

While it may seem unusual, there are situations where a person dies and purposely excludes his or her spouse from a Will. This exclusion may be...read more