What You need To Know About Workers Compensation Claims

At Gambone Law we often get questions about legal matters that are outside our area of expertise. That’s why I love to bring on experts in other practice areas such as my guest this week, attorney Sam Gaylord of the firm of Szaferman Lakind, headquartered in Lawrenceville NJ, to talk about topics related to workers compensation, his specialty.

Sam answers several frequently asked workers comp questions such as:

  • How is a workers compensation claim different from a disability claim?
  • How long does a claim take to resolve?
  • When does the claim period begin?
  • How are workers comp claims litigated and settled?
  • How are claims paid and are the benefits taxable as income?
  • Can claims be made for non-physical injuries?

We end the show with a quick lawyer-to-lawyer discussion of the Deshaun Watson case and the possible consequences of the recent decision.

If you have workers comp questions we haven’t answered, you can reach Sam here…

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