Top Ten Criminal Law Questions of 2022

In this episode we answer the most asked questions of 2022

  1. How is Pennsylvania different from New Jersey when it comes to the illegal possession of guns and firearms?
  1. How do Pennsylvania and New Jersey differ with regards to medical marijuana?
  1. What is the difference between aggravated and simple assault?
  1. Should you waive your preliminary hearing in Pennsylvania?
  2. How is New Jersey’s bail system different from Pennsylvania?
  1. Are warrantless vehicle searches legal in Pennsylvania and New Jersey?
  1. Do police always need a warrant to search your home?
  1. When must your attorney argue that your right against illegal search and seizure was violated? 
  1. What is the difference between actual and constructive possession of contraband?
  1. Why do you tell people not to make statements, written or verbal, to the police?  How could it make your case worse?