Top Tier Trial Attorney

Alfonso is a brilliant and aggressive trial attorney. His resume is flawless and what he lacks in DA experience he more than makes up for us an Army Prosecutor. Alfonso is a highly skilled criminal defense counselor and if he is within your budget you should be thankful for that and hire him. He is worth every penny.

I was in a self defense shooting with a car that was driving into me. My gun was legal and registered to me and I had a permit to carry firearms. The Commonwealth construed a series of lies to make me seem like a crazed animal despite having no previous criminal record. There was an alleged baby in the car I had shot at so the District Attorney’s Office of Philadelphia was hell-bent on pursuing this matter and wanted a conviction with hard time attached to it…very hard time! I even spent an unnerving 30 days in prison before posting bail on half million dollars and hiring Alfonso! I was looking at 3 counts of attempted murder and aggravated assault. Also, one count of possession of an instrument of crime. The plea bargain was 6-12 years and losing a trial would have a resulted in a minimum sentence of 10 plus years! There would also be a complete cease to the upper-middle class lifestyle I worked so hard to achieve for the rest of my natural life, short of being a successful business owner. Needless to say the stakes were very high. I even had other high tier attorneys tell me I needed to avoid a trial at all cost. One of these attorneys that told me this was a close family friend!

Alfonso composed a brilliant trial argument for my self-defense based on the discovery evidence the Common Wealth presented. It was obvious he spent many sleepless nights preparing for this trial. Not once was he caught off guard or looked unprepared for the DA. He never once had his associates handle his affairs which I was appreciative of and what made me fear hiring other lawyers of his caliber. Alfonso is always highly charismatic and well spoken, with an unparalleled vernacular and dictation. His opening and closing arguments are heartfelt and awe-inspiring. Alfonso has a gift for presenting an argument to a jury. He doesn’t give the jury a speech, he speaks to the jury, and that’s a big difference between a skilled and mediocre counselor. He does not give them over complicated mumbo-jumbo…he speaks to them in a way you can feel and understand. One of his best traits is his ability to cross examine. Alfonso is extremely aggressive and a fierce cross examiner. I didn’t text him too many times through out the process but whenever I did he always got back to me the same day. He even came to my residence to go over testimony with me and review the scene! Alfonso is highly ethical. All he ask is that you do not lie to him and tell him the truth. He will find a way to make things work in your favor. Throughout the process you can see a fire ignite in Alfonso and he gets into a mindset where he eats, sleeps, and breathes your case. Throughout our court time I felt like he was an agitated uncle, hell bent on ending this madness. He felt like family not hired counsel. After a 3 day jury trial and and half a day of deliberation I was found not guilty of all charges against me! Alfonso won me my life back and saved me from over a decade of incarceration against a Common Wealth that lies to get convictions. You need the best against the city of Philadelphia and Alfonso is the best. He is even in the process of helping me retrieve my wrongfully ceased firearms and expunging this arrest and trial from my record.

When you go against the District Attorneys Office of Philadelphia…one of the 6 or 7 biggest cities in this country, they have the country’s most brilliant prosecutors. You need the best, and Alfonso is the best. His trial experience in violent crimes and criminal accusations is unrivaled. I would recommend Alfonso to friends and family. All my friends who saw him in action switched the card they carry in their wallet!