Top tier, talented representation with an unwavering determination for his clients

In Fall 2015, I was in midst of my downward spiral in my battle against alcoholism. As a result of poor decision-making, I got my 2nd DUI as the result of a car accident with a child in the car. I was facing 90 days jail time, EWOC, reckless endangerment of another person, along with a slew of traffic related driving charges. To say that I felt my life was over at the time, is an understatement. I reached out to Alfonso trying to retain legal representation quickly, as he was the only lawyer to assure me I had options and just needed to breathe – he was ready to tackle this head on. His focus, compassion, extensive legal knowledge, and dedication to my case was immediately apparent to me. We reviewed my options from possible jail time to Drug Treatment Court to entering a treatment facility (which I desperately needed). As a result, he aggressively negotiated on my behalf with the DA to enter treatment as opposed to jail, which no doubt saved my life and has allowed me to retain my career, my family and deal with my alcoholism head on successfully. Throughout the whole legal process, his first concern was how I was doing personally, as well as my family, assuring me that we needn’t worry about the legal intricacies of my case, and to focus on getting healthy – he had it handled! Even after my case was finalized with the courts, he’s continued to support getting my life on the right path by helping me work with the state to possibly get an occupational license, which has been above and beyond what I hired him for. If you are reading this and don’t know where to turn, rest assured that you won’t regret having him represent you no matter what the legal battle is that you are facing. His professionalism, dedication, compassion and ‘pitbull’ legal acumen are without question, proven by the successful outcome of my case and his ongoing support of me personally post-trial. I’m forever indebted to him and his practice for helping me out of the darkest points to a life that is now positive, healthy and focused. Thank you!