R.F. vs Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

I was arrested for a simple assault charge and was giving a conditional guilty plea, in which I had to attend anger management classes, at the same time I was not able to get in trouble of any sort to be arrested. Wouldn’t you know I got arrested four/five days later for distribution of narcotics (allegedly). Now that I violated the plea, I knew there was a possibility of up to a 2 year sentence and than having to deal with the other charges, I knew that it was time to hire a private attorney. Alfonso Gambone told me ” when I go to trial… I win”. The confidence and eagerness Mr Gambone had towards my case made me feel more at ease, so I hired him. Mr. Gambone had responded to every phone call and text I made, he kept me informed at all times and also educated me about what was going on and how we were going to proceed in defending myself. After going through the court process with both these cases Mr Gambone stayed eager and confident on winning. Long story short….. I had trial July 1, and thanks to him we did win! all charges were dropped! Case dismissed! Alfonso Gambone is an excellent lawyer and I would recommend him a thousand times over.