If you live in PA or NJ and need a criminal attorney, you need to hire Gambone.

If you live in PA or NJ and need a criminal attorney, you need to hire Gambone. I am an upper middle class professional. I was facing 20 years and spoke to many $1000/hr attorneys. Gambone was 1/5 this cost and had 5 times the smarts. It seemed too good to be true. To have a counselor so intelligent and aggressive at such an affordable rate. Anyone else told me I was doing some sort of time with the discovery evidence the DA had against me. Gambone had all charges dropped and had me leaving the courthouse with a clean record! No one could believe it. No probation, no criminal history…100% cleared! The details of my case are insignificant. Just know that I was being charged for violent crimes second only to homicide that most lawyers in Philadelphia aren’t even qualified to try!!! The wrong choice can lead to an innocent man/woman in jail. Especially in a city like Philadelphia where the court system is against you more than any other municipality. Gambone is one of the few right choices in a sea of options. No other option at his level is as affordable. He is also a recipient of the prestigious Super Lawyers award. Only a handful of lawyers in the nation can claim this and none at Gambone’s youth or affordability. He comes from a family of intelligent doctors and is of strong moral upbringing and discipline. He is open, honest, and will give it to you as blunt as a mallet. If you do not have Gambone you are coming to court with either a) over priced counsel or b) lesser skilled counsel. I studied law in college and scored high on the LSAT despite taking a different career path. I have many friends and connections within the legal field and can tell you more accurately than most that Gambone is a top five choice in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I will never use anyone else to represent me in court, regardless of the issue. While a criminal defense attorney, Gambone is second to none in all forms of litigation. – Brandon J.