Should Steroids Be Legalized?

In this episode Al is joined by Rick Collins to discuss the possibility of legalizing anabolic steroids for non-medical purposes.

Rick Collins is a former Nassau County Assistant District Attorney and current partner at Collins Gann McCloskey & Barry, a former bodybuilder and the author of “Legal Muscle: Anabolics in America” which shattered many of the myths surrounding steroid use.

He is an internationally recognized legal authority on dietary supplements, anabolic steroids, and various performance-enhancing substances and has defended cases involving these compounds across the United States, including several high-profile cases involving professional bodybuilders, BALCO, the NCAA and several professional sports leagues.

  • Why is there a war on PEDs in the first place? When did it begin?
  • Can anabolic steroids help reverse some aspects of aging?
  • If marijuana is being legalized, why not PEDs?
  • Has criminalization of anabolic steroids made people safer?
  • What do trans people and bodybuilders have in common?