610 Sports Radio Segment – Cleaning Your Criminal Record -10-4-16

Radio ShowAppearing each week on the Rob Maadi Show with Anthony SanFilippo gives us the opportunity to provide some great information to the listeners.  We understand however that making time to listen is sometimes a problem.  Our law firm, however, never wants someone to miss out on the important information that could literally change their life!  This may sound over the top, but I can tell you that there are people reading this blog write now who are in a better position in their life because of our law firm!  We obviously want to get you results but that starts with putting you on the road to success.  This road requires that you gather information before venturing out onto a path.

There’s no other criminal defense law firm in the Philadelphia Metro area that provides what our firm provides in the form of information.  I say that confidently and not with arrogance because I know its the truth.  We want you to know us before you walk through our doors, through my free books, newsletters, blogsvideos and of course, my weekly radio addresses.  

Listen to my latest right now and I look forward to speaking with you soon in the office.

Or download the transcript here