April 15, 2017

New Jersey DWI – The “Allowing” Drunk Driving Offense – 39:4-50(a)

New Jersey DWI – The Allowing Offense – 39:4-50(a) A conviction for Driving while Intoxicated (DWI) in New Jersey will result in the loss of your...read more
April 3, 2017

State Intermediate Punishment (SIP) Drug Program: Is it for you?

While the goal of our law firm is an acquittal in a criminal case, there are situations where it makes sense not to proceed to trial...read more
March 21, 2017

Understanding “Corrupt Organization” Criminal Charges

Our firm was recently retained for one of the defendants in an alleged major heroin ring in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Despite the severity of these charges,...read more
March 18, 2017

Aggravated Assault vs. Attempted Murder – The Differences

Our law firm in Philadelphia often defends the crimes of Aggravated Assault and Attempted Murder in Pennsylvania. These are obviously serious charges which subjects a person...read more