July 31, 2016

The top 10 questions I’ve received from DUI clients in Pennsylvania this summer

It’s been a very busy summer for our criminal defense law in Philadelphia and its surrounding counties, especically in the area of DUI defense. Here are...read more
July 28, 2016

Using an Expert in Your Pennsylvania DUI Defense

Drunk driving cases in our Commonwealth often involve scientific evidence in the form of breathalyzer or blood testing analysis. Lay witnesses (non-experts) aren’t permitted to draw...read more
July 27, 2016

Gas Chromatograph: Breath Testing in Pennsylvania DUI Cases

The recent US Supreme Court decision will more than likely influence blood testing in Pennsylvania drunk driving cases and there’s a good possibility that police and...read more
July 24, 2016

Can Pennsylvania suspend my kid’s driver’s license for underage drinking at the NJ Shore?

Parents do their best to ensure that their son or daughter stays on the right path, especially during the teenage years where the motivation to go...read more