December 30, 2014

Screech’s Trouble in Wisconsin: Why Pennsylvania Would Be Better for Him

The recent arrest of Dustin Diamond also known as Screech, the actor formerly on the popular 90’s TV show Saved by the Bell is a more
December 17, 2014

Property Transfers, Taxes, Estate Planning & Long Term Care

Our firm receives a lot of questions about property transfers and their effect on a person’s overall Estate plan. Pennsylvania’s Inheritance Tax is extremely broad more
December 11, 2014

What happened in Ferguson and Staten Island? Is Philly different? The Grand Jury System

When most people hear the word “jury” they picture a courtroom, a judge, a prosecutor, a defense attorney and hearing a verdict of guilty or more
December 6, 2014

Courtroom Appearance – The Power of Nonverbal Communication

Clients often ask how what they should wear to court and how they should act when they get there. As a general rule your overall more