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The 5 Most Common Myths about Drunk Driving Charges in Pennsylvania

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Alfonso Gambone is very good at what he does and you can really tell that he loves it. He is always on top of his work, even if he is not always available I can still count on him getting done what needs to be done and when he says it will be done. He is really helpful and caring. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

- Sharita

Finally…a Lawyer I can trust! I recently hired Alfonso to work on a real estate deal. He communicates well, meets deadlines and delivers what he promises. He’s a true professional!

- Rafael

Becoming a GREAT lawyer is making sure it isn’t about you! Coming in contact with Mr. Gambone I had this sense of safeness when it came to my husband being in good hands. This was a big sigh of relief. We fired our previous attorney because he was the real deal. I never meet an attorney that didn’t make you feel like he or she wouldn’t proceed if money wasn’t involved. No matter what the issues were he was efficient, understanding and most of all he delivered satisfactory results. My family is forever grateful and indebted to Mr. Gambone for all he has done plus more. He will always be our family attorney no matter what!! Finally I feel like someone fought for us who wasn’t our family. Thanks Again!!!!

- DeShonna Harris

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