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Vicodin DUI

Vicodin DUI Attorneys In NJ & PA

vicodin dui laws pennsylvania

A very commonly prescribed opiate based painkiller is Vicodin, also known generically as hydrocodone. Despite the warnings from the prescribing physician, as well as on the pill bottle, that taking the medicine and operating a motor vehicle can lead to impaired driving ability people still do it. Taking Vicodin and driving is unsafe and can lead to being arrested for DUI in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. If you are facing Vicodin DUI or DWI charges you should call an experienced Philadelphia Vicodin DUI Attorney.

Contact Pennsylvania & New Jersey Vicodin DWI Defense Lawyer Alfonso Gambone to discuss your case. You can also click here to email Mr. Gambone. He has many years experience defending those accused of DUI, drug possession and other drug crimes in Southeastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey. Let him fight to protect your rights, reputation and driving privileges.

Vicodin & The Pennsylvania Controlled Substances, Drugs, Device & Cosmetic Act

Like all states the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania categorizes all drugs, narcotics and medications in a particular schedule. Vicodin, along with anabolic steroids, testosterone, Tylenol with Codeine and Ketamine are Schedule 3 drugs in Pennsylvania. This means that their capacity for physical or psychological addiction is less than Level I and II drugs. Schedule III drugs also have accepted medical uses in the United States and are available by prescription. 

Penalties For Vicodin DUI Conviction

A DUI conviction, or guilty plea, will cause your life to be in shambles now and in the future. This is true even if it is a first offense misdemeanor DUI or DWI. Once convicted you will face severe fines, fees, increased insurance premiums and a loss of driving privileges. 

If you were found with illegally obtained, black market or internet purchased Vicodin in the car at the time of the DUI arrest you will face additional charges related to the drugs such as drug possession and illegally obtained prescription medications. The penalties for these charges can be significantly more severe than the DUI charges and can involve fines, fees, community service and jail time. Also, if your DUI or DWI resulted in an accident, property damage, injury or wrongful death your penalties will be much steeper. In Pennsylvania these are known as enhanced penalties and also include DUI with a child in the vehicle. 

Signs Of Driving Under The Influence Of Vicodin

There are several signs that tell law enforcement that you were possibly driving under the influence of Vicodin. They are:

Finding Vicodin in vehicle

Erratic driving behaviors


Raspy speech

Being Disoriented

Constricted pupils

Impaired cognitive function

Impaired motor skills

Contact A Pennsylvania Vicodin DUI Defense Lawyer

You should immediately call Philadelphia County DUI Defense Attorney Alfonso Gambone to discuss your case. Or, you can contact Norristown Hydrocodone DUI Defense Attorney Alfonso Gambone here via email. You need an experienced and aggressive defense attorney who truly has your best interest in mind. Let Mr. Gambone use his experience, knowledge and resources to work for you.

Mr. Gambone also routinely defends non-Delaware residents who have been charged with DUI, drugged driving, traffic violations and drug crimes in surrounding states such as Delaware, Maryland, New York,  Ohio, Washington D.C. and Virginia.