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Welcome to the Gambone Law Podcast brought to you by GAMBONE LAW – A Philadelphia Based Criminal Defense Law Firm!  This weekly criminal defense law podcast addresses and discusses some of the most common questions and issues within the area of criminal defense with a focus on Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  It is based on questions from our clients and their families that we have taken over the years. Our law firm is committed to providing the highest level of professional representation to its clients and educating them and their families about their legal rights under Constitution. 

This podcast is made for information purposes only and does not in any way establish an attorney-client relationship.  Please enjoy listening to it!

How COVID Could Change Legal Services in the Future with Greg LaMonaca, Esq, Stuart Carpey, Esq., and Sam Gaylord, Esq.

Anabolic Steroids & Criminal Defense With Rick Collins, Esq.

Podcast #1: What you need to know about Preliminary Hearings

Podcast #2: Common DUI Questions

Podcast #3: Drug Crime Penalties

Podcast #4: Pennsylvania Gun Crimes

Podcast #5: Pennsylvania Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Guidelines

Podcast #6: The Importance of Pre-trial Motions in Criminal Cases

Podcast #7: Is the Philly DA really ignoring crime?

Podcast#8- First Time Offender DUI & Drug Programs

Podcast#9 – Protection From Abuse (PFA) Defense

Podcast #10 – Pedestrian vs. Vehicle Stop – What could make them illegal and unconstitutional?

Podcast #11 – Simple Assault vs. Aggravated Assault, Buying a Gun, Expungements

Podcast #12 – COVID-19–Update–No Arrests in Philly, Bail, & Buying a Gun

Bonus Podcast – Common Legal Issue During Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend–Drunk Driving & Social Host Liability