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DUI Probation Violation

Probation Violations

dui probation violations

If you are on probation in Pennsylvania or New Jersey know what it’s like when your freedom is on the line. Being placed on probation is akin to being given a second chance to enjoy your life as much as you can instead of counting the number of bars inside a jail cell. In Pennsylvania and New Jersey probation is given to nonviolent offenders who have plead or been found guilty of their charges in Pennsylvania. This second chance comes with conditions and if you violate your probation in any way all bets are off and you are looking at jail time. If you have violated your probation you need the help or our skilled Philadelphia probation violation lawyers

You can contact our Pennsylvania DUI defense attorneys handling probation violations here for a free case review. They serve the entire Philadelphia area, Allentown, Easton, all surrounding counties and South Jersey. 

Types Of Probation In Pennsylvania

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania there are several types of probation with some being more common than others. These are:

Supervised Probation (the most common type)

Unsupervised Probation (follows a successful supervised probation period)

Intensive Supervised Probation

No matter what type of probation you are on if you are arrested for anything you are looking at very serious legal consequences so it behooves you to contact our Philadelphia probation violation attorneys ASAP.

Penalties For A DUI Arrest While On Probation

Being on probation following a DUI arrest, or any arrest, is a privilege and it can be taken away from you immediately at the slightest violation of conditions of your probation. One of the most common probation violations is being arrested for DUI (in PA) or DWI (in NJ). If this happens, you risk having your probation revoked, which does not bode well at all. And it is important to note that no matter what you are on probation for a DUI arrest is incredibly serious. Many people think that if they are on probation for theft and arrested for DUI they will be ok as they were not arrested for a 2nd theft offense. Nothing could be further from the truth. When on probation of any type an arrest can result in your probation being revoked. Having your probation revoked means that you will have to stand in front of the judge in the courtroom and defend yourself. Self representation never goes well. This time around, however, you better be represented by an experienced probation violation defense attorney serving Pennsylvania or New Jersey. If you do not have a legal advocate fighting for you you can end up going to jail with no more chances offered to you.  

Contact Our Defense Lawyers Handling DUI Probation Violation Cases in PA & NJ

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