Our law firm’s resources cover the common issues that our clients face in Pennsylvania and New Jersey with a particular focus on drunk driving, illegal drugs, guns and firearms

Why does our Philadelphia based criminal defense law firm produce books, videos, blogs and give them away to clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey?


This is a very common question from people who come into our office for a consultation after being arrested in Pennsylvania or New Jersey.  The short answer is that you don't hire a lawyer to tell you about the law.  You a hire a criminal defense lawyer to use that law to obtain a great result for you.  The internet makes information on virtually any topic freely available but you hire a professional because that person knows how incorporate that knowledge into an action plan for you and your family.  

Being arrested and facing a possible criminal conviction for a felony or a misdemeanor offense in Pennsylvania or New Jersey is stressful.  Knowing about the law, through our free resources, will help alleviate some of that burden but the key is to hire the right lawyer.  I encourage you look around our website, read my reviews and compare us.  Obviously, we want you to hire our firm for your illegal gun, narcotics, drugs, or drunk driving charge but before you make that important decision, we want you to know why you're making it.  

Before you hire a criminal defense lawyer for your case, keep the following in your mind

  • The information is already out there and we are just directing you to it
  • You hire us because we know how to use it
  • We want you to understand the criminal allegations against you
  • We want you to know us before ou come visit us in Philadelphia