April 12, 2017

NJ’s Graves Act (Firearms): Partial vs. Full Mandatory Incarceration Waivers

The state of New Jersey maintains some of the nation’s toughest gun laws regarding the unlawful possession of a handgun or firearm. The Garden State even...read more
December 22, 2016

ESPN Radio Segment -12-20-16 – Assault Charges and Self Defense

Every Tuesday night, I appear on the Rob Maadi Show with Anthony SanFilippo on 610 Sports ESPN radio.  This segment is from my appearance on December...read more
January 29, 2016

Criminal Defense Continuances: Rule 600 & Extending the “Speedy Trial Clock”

The word continuance is frequently used in and outside of Pennsylvania Criminal Courts when an attorney from either side (prosecution or defense) isn’t ready to proceed...read more
June 8, 2015

Your Attorney’s AVVO Rating: Why Care?

There are obviously plenty of options when selecting an attorney. Some individuals ask a friend or family member to refer them to a lawyer. While this...read more