April 25, 2017

New Jersey Sentencing— Understanding Aggravating and Mitigating Factors

In New Jersey, like any jurisdiction, judges can impose a wide variety of sentences on a person convicted of a crime. While the goal of more
April 23, 2017

4 Things About New Jersey’s Justice Reform: How it became more and less like Pennsylvania

On January 1, 2017, New Jersey made some dramatic changes to its criminal justice system.   These reforms focused on the Garden State’s bail system and more
April 17, 2017

Police Car Stops in New Jersey – How much evidence do police need?

In New Jersey, much like in Pennsylvania, a major issue in any criminal defense is the initial police stop. This is a critical issue especially more
April 15, 2017

New Jersey DWI – The “Allowing” Drunk Driving Offense – 39:4-50(a)

New Jersey DWI – The Allowing Offense – 39:4-50(a) A conviction for Driving while Intoxicated (DWI) in New Jersey will result in the loss of more
April 12, 2017

NJ’s Graves Act (Firearms): Partial vs. Full Mandatory Incarceration Waivers

The state of New Jersey maintains some of the nation’s toughest gun laws regarding the unlawful possession of a handgun or firearm. The Garden State more
April 10, 2017

DUI, Blood, & Implied Consent: Will a revised PENNDOT DL-26 make a difference in PA?

The United States Supreme Court decision of Birchfield v. North Dakota continues to dominate DUI prosecutions in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and all over the more
April 5, 2017


Pennsylvania, like many states, maintains an implied consent rule under Section 1547 of its vehicle code. This rule basically says that, if you’re arrested for more
April 3, 2017

State Intermediate Punishment (SIP) Drug Program: Is it for you?

While the goal of our law firm is an acquittal in a criminal case, there are situations where it makes sense not to proceed to more
March 28, 2017

Your Home, Probable Cause, Privacy, and Warrants

Following my last blog, many of my readers had questions about searches of homes as opposed to a vehicle or a car. The topic of more
March 25, 2017

Police Stop Car Searches in Pennsylvania & New Jersey: Warrant Needed? 

As I’ve written in previous blogs, the close proximity between New Jersey and Pennsylvania, doesn’t necessarily translate into similar types of laws and criminal penalties, more

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