March 1, 2017

Raven’s Safety Matt Elam’s Arrest: Why it’s overcharged

Recently, I appeared on the Rob Maadi show on 610 ESPN Radio to discuss the arrest of Baltimore Raven’s Safety Matt Elam.  Elam was arrested more
December 23, 2016

ESPN RADIO-12-6-16 – The Joe McKnight Shooting – Murder, Manslaughter & Firearms

Listen to my legal segment on Sports 610 AM on ESPN Radio with Rob Maadi following the tragic Joe McKnight shooting in Louisiana.  During this segment, more
December 22, 2016

ESPN Radio Segment -12-20-16 – Assault Charges and Self Defense

Every Tuesday night, I appear on the Rob Maadi Show with Anthony SanFilippo on 610 Sports ESPN radio.  This segment is from my appearance on more
November 8, 2016

Understanding Drunk Driving Charges

During this segment on ESPN Radio, I breakdown the following concepts: Refusing Chemical Tests (Blood & Breath) Reasonable Suspicion & DUI Traffic Stops Warrantless Searches