May 23, 2017

Is there a constitutional right to a preliminary hearing in Pennsylvania?

In my previous blogs I have often discussed the topic of preliminary hearings. Most of my readers understand now that a preliminary hearing is an more
May 21, 2017

Causing a Catastrophe? What the prosecution needs to prove against Brandon Bostian in the Amtrak derailment case in Philadelphia

Our criminal defense blog always wants to keep its readers informed with the latest news from the criminal justice world. Right now, the news is more
May 15, 2017

Criminal Derailment! How a Philly judge ordered manslaughter charges despite the DA’s decision not to charge

In most situations, criminal charges do not begin with a private criminal complaint but the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure do allow it. If a more
May 12, 2017

My Top Five Q & A’s on the Penn State Frat Death Case

Recently, eight Penn State students were criminally charged in the death of a fellow student, Tim Piazza, following a fraternity pledge event. Piazza died due more